I recently wrote a piece for the Penny Hoarder that was posted last week. “How to Make Money in College: 4 Reasons to Try Freelancing” has a couple hundred shares and is definitely a good read for my college friends! Lucky me, I graduated last week and will shortly be transitioning into a new, permanent […]

The March/April issue of SmartCEO features an article on content marketing – a great read! I was interviewed about Finepoint’s social strategy and the final copy includes a couple of my quotes. Access the digital version of the magazine here.

When I was introduced to the possibilities of social auto-posting, I knew it was dangerous. As impressed as I was with the ease of content creation, I knew that handing over my job to a robot would not produce the same results that I was used to. In this piece I wrote for Finepoint, I […]

It’s impossible to ignore that video content is on the rise. The news anchor selfie videos might be too quirky to stay in vogue, but in general, video content is here to stay. With that in mind, I have made a conscious effort to stay up-to-date with the medium. When I was in DC a […]

Last week, UD was lucky enough to host Joseph McKeating – an entrepreneur and public relations practitioner in NYC. Joseph is the founder and CEO of the Pulsar Strategy, a firm that works primarily with the the booming NYC tech startup community. Joseph also started the blog Editorial IV, a blog that comments on the […]

This is a piece I wrote for the Washington Center over the summer. I’ve recently returned to DC for the weekend and a lot of strange feelings have come rushing back to me. I forgot how uncomfortable you feel wearing anything casual on K street. I honestly missed the smell of the metro (which, though […]

I’ve had a lot on my plate the past couple weeks. Trust me, I love it that way. This girl is flourishing. My blogging efforts have been in full swing. For the sake of simplicity, I didn’t want to post here as well. To keep up with me, check out my blog for the Washington […]

Like everyone else on my facebook feed, I’m a big fan of Humans of New York. It’s entertaining, heart warming, and enlightening. Sometimes when I scroll through the photographs, I imagine myself (like the self-centered millennial that I am) being stopped and interviewed. The most common question featured lately has been “what is your biggest […]

Time management is about prioritizing. When things aren’t prioritized correctly, usually you can tell. It’s obvious – you bomb a test, break down in tears, or get a call from the receptionist at your physical therapists’ office telling you that you’ve been dropped as a client for missing too many appointments ( Now trying to […]